Speaker application

If you have an awesome WooCommerce story, we’d love to hear it.

This year, we’re focused on sharing stories about developers using WooCommerce to go beyond the typical – customizing WooCommerce in unique ways, scaling for larger stores and more – and the ins-and-outs of managing a business that’s building WooCommerce stores.

We’ll accept talks in these four areas:

    1. Running an Agency / Client Relations – Scoping projects, fostering repeat business, keeping projects on track, finding and hiring developers, productizing client functionality and so on.
    2. Extending WooCommerce – Using the REST API, JavaScript frameworks (React & Backbone), case studies on customization, tips and tricks for customizing specific parts of WooCommerce (emails, checkout flow, product pages and so on) and accessibility.
    3. Scaling – Anything from server-side, backend, frontend or case studies.
    4. eCommerce Fundamentals – Creating a cohesive experience (between multiple sites, apps, mobile sites, Amazon, etc), personalization, conversion rate optimization

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